Huawei P6 World’s First Custom Rom Nearly 40 Optimizations

 Huawei P6 World's First Custom Rom Nearly 40 Optimizations Screenshot:






















Based on the official EmotionUI V1.6 B115

Update log

1. moderately streamlined system program

2. Cust in streamlining programs, games, music and video

3.Add ROOT permissions

4. Add the latest busybox and su files.

5. RE Manager to join the latest Chinese version (thanks aiguoyan2010)

6. Add to my ROOT Authorization Manager

7. Join imitation iphone auxiliary operation tool EasyTouch (thanks to six feet under)

8. joined Huawei Brush Masters

9. RF parameter adjustment (increase phone performance)

10.6 Automatic Brightness display (refer to multiple data)

11.CRT off-screen special effects show

12. Status Bar Time Breakdown

13. Media Volume 25 fine

14. ringer volume 15 fine

15. Alarm Volume 15 fine

16. Call volume 20 fine

17. Replace boot animation (replaced by Huawei mate's)

18. Turn on Fast boot function

19. Turn on call recording function

20. Join latest hosts file to block ads

21. streamline internal pictures and videos

22. Replace boot music

23. built-in MIUI and Meizu theme (thanks lwjsun)

24. Added charges MIUI theme (thanks az198975)

25. Join Facebook users most popular SMS tones messages (thanks shameless uncle)

26. Join best to listen to ringtones WhereGo

27 Join Oppo Find 5 Built own ringtones Jumping Finger

28. Join Transformers Super Hornet played music

29. was added very evil ringtones, second get ringtones

30. Joins the Samsung GalaxyNote Whistle SMS tones

31. Turn on Theme Manager Online Themes Gallery

32. joined Baidu Mobile Assistant (directly uninstall)

33. joined Baidu Post Bar (directly uninstall)

34. Join Baidu search (directly uninstall)

35. Join Baidu browser (directly uninstall)

36. accession flag free fiction (directly uninstall)

37. Join Chunyu Pocket Doctor (directly uninstall)

38. Modify the default icons on the order
Flash and use
1. Install "Recovery Installer", download address: Click it

2. Download Huawei P6 Custom Rom, must be copied to an external SD card

3. Start Recovery Installer, into recovery mode, select "选择刷机包(mains select the custom rom package)"button – Select "从外置卡选择ZIP刷机包(mains choose zip from external card )" – Select "the Custom Rom that you have already sent to your SD card"

4. Wait for the progress bar has completed, return to the main menu, select "高级功能(mains Advanced Features)" – Select"重启到Recovery模式mains (reboot into Recovery Mode)", the phone will reboot into recovery mode official

5. Select "wipe data / factory reset" – "Yes – delete all user data"

6. Select "reboot system now", the phone will reboot into the system, Congratulations!
Huawei P6 world's first Custom Rom Download link: Click it.

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